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Darren Hayman - My Dream Train is a 2011 music video brickfilm by Chris Salt.[1] It is the official music video to a song by Darren Hayman, which was created as part of a project by Hayman to write, record and release one song every day in the month of January 2011.[2] While filming the video in the second half of January 2011, the only information Chris Salt had to work with was that it should feature trains and that the song would be at 90 beats per minute. He received the song at 1PM on January 31, and edited the video and created the lip sync until shortly before midnight that night.[3][4]

When Darren Hayman planned to release a limited CD/DVD set of his January Songs project, Chris Salt took the opportunity to create a director's cut of the My Dream Train video, tightening up the editing and visual effects.[5]


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