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The Darkness and Light Contest was a brickfilming contest hosted by Philip Heinrich and Nathan Wells in 2015 on Bricks in Motion. The theme of the contest centered around darkness and light, both as a storytelling element, and a visual element like film noir and chiaroscuro.[2] It was the fifth major Bricks in Motion summer contest, after the Kitchen Sink Contest three years earlier. It was followed by the Sight & Sound Contest in 2016.


The contest was announced on Bricks in Motion on June 1, 2015. The deadline was September 1, 2015. Rules were modeled after the twelfth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest rules, and focused on dissuading entries that used existing, commercial intellectual property, and also disallowed entries with excessive violence, language and drug and sexual references. The minimum time limit was one minute, and there was no maximum time limit. The contest received 25 accepted entries.[2] A playlist of most of these may be viewed here. The results were announced on September 19.[3]

Judging and Prizes

The judges were brickfilmers Philip Heinrich, Nathan Wells, Dylan Woodley, and Maxime Marion, and guest judge Maverick Moore, a filmmaker.

Prizes were provided by Dragonframe and Brickstuff, who sponsored the contest, and an anonymous donor. A prize pool format was used and there were prizes for first to fourth place.[2] The prizes were grouped into four bundles, each containing a piece of equipment for brickfilming and a small LEGO set. These four were the Dragonframe bundle, containing a copy of Dragonframe and 60066 Swamp Police Starter Set, the Brickstuff bundle, containing a Brickstuff Lighting Effect Starter Kit and 60077 Space Starter Set, the Blue Snowball bundle, consisting of a Blue Snowball microphone and 60091 Deep Sea Starter Set and the filmmaking kit, containing a set of lighting gels, a roll of cinefoil, a set of helping hands and 60072 Demolition Starter Set


Top 10
Place Film Name Director
1. Sola Luna "rioforce"
2. The Tree Trevor Sprague
3. Experience and Error Nate Swihart
4. Horace and Horace's Day Out Seán Willis and Brian Willis
5. And Men Loved Darkness Shelby Pritchard
6. Grief's Restitution Christian Colglazier
7. Dark Flight of the Moth X "xxgbhxx"
8. The Way Out Kaleb Barkman
9. The Infinity Bulb Jasper Reddin
10. Guns N' Roses Justin Sarceno / Brickstuff Giveaway

To get the word out about the Darkness and Light contest, Bricks in Motion partnered with contest sponsor Brickstuff to give away a small Brickstuff lighting package via a raffle. The raffle was handled through the website Rafflecopter. The winner was Johnathan Rabon.[4]


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