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Daniel Utecht is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for The Dandelion.[2] He is also the co-founder of the BrickVideo Studio website and Roku channel, along with Don Potratz.[3]


Year Title Notes
2009 A Christmas Short
2010 New Years Eve Tragedy Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 film[4]
2010 The Dandelion
2010 Sick Tricks
2011 LEGO Love
2012 Snowboarding Tricks
2013 Dunk Me!
2015 The Good Neighbor
2015 The Uprising EASTER 2015 entry
2015 Trick for Treat
2015 Black Thursday
2015 LEGO Light Show Animation Career Review 2016 Winter Short Animation Contest Most Festive winner[5]
2016 Slick
2016 Super Bomberman Battle
2016 Plastic Planet says "Thank you!"
2016 Help the Homeless
2016 She Said Yes
2016 Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony in LEGO
2016 Pokémon Go in the City
2016 A Better Mousetrap Ep 1: Mouse Problem
2016 A Better Mousetrap Ep 2: The First Trap
2016 Will Ferrell is addicted to Pokémon Go!
2016 Fingerprints
2016 A Better Mousetrap Ep 3: The Cage
2016 LEGO Christmas Light Fight
2017 "Fooled" "Fooled" Brickfilm Contest announcement film
2017 How to Relax After a Long Day BrickVideo Studio promotional film
2017 A Better Mousetrap Ep 4: A Stinky Surprise
2017 "Spring Blossoms" "Spring Blossoms" Brickfilm Contest announcement film
2017 Andy's Adventures: Andy Goes Skydiving!