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Dane Cook Gets... was a brickfilming fad which originally became popular on Bricks in Motion in 2009. It centered around the "comedian" Dane Cook meeting his demise in various ridiculous and violent ways, set to the song Karma Police by Radiohead.


When asked in the Bricks in Motion Discord chat about what inspired the first Dane Cook Gets... film, James Morr stated "I just made the first one because my sister listened to his CD/watched his specials all the time and it drove me up a wall". The original Dane Cook Gets... film was Dane Cook Gets Slapped by a Hobo With a Fish, which was released by Morr on February 8, 2009.[1] Soon after, on February 14, Chris Salt released a film inspired by this, entitled Dane Cook Gets Goosed by a Pirate With a Hook for a Hand.[2] Morr and Salt both released several more films in this style over the next month, and these are considered to be the original Dane Cook Gets... films. (Also of note: in 2004, Morr had released a short film featuring some of what became the recognisable Dane Cook Gets... elements, titled That Guy From the Coast of the East Gets Kidnapped by a Monkey.)

As these films were released, many other brickfilmers began to produce their own imitations of the format,[3] and Dane Cook Gets... evolved into a brickfilming fad. While most of these kept Dane Cook as the victim, some would replace him with a different character.[4][5] While the original films only spanned a window of around one month, the fad remained popular much longer, with new ones still being released over a year later in 2010.[6][7][8] The fad was nominated for Best Series in the 2009 Bricks in Motion Awards.

In subsequent years, the Dane Cook figure made many cameo appearances in other brickfilms, usually still coming to an unfortunate demise. He has appeared in commission works by James Morr[9], Chris Salt[10] and Zach Macias[11], where his appearance was used as a calling card.

The Dane Cook Gets... format saw a brief resurgence in late 2014 and early 2015. This began when the figure appeared in the video Bricks in Motion: The Documentary Kickstarter Update #17, being crushed by the Berlin Wall.[12] An alternate title was given of Dane Cook Gets Crushed by the Collapse of Communism. This led to a number of new films using the format or character, including Found Footage by Chris Salt, alternatively titled Dane Cook Gets Seduced by a Lady Ogress[13], and Dane Cook Gets Crushed by a One Ton Weight During an Animation Test by Chris Boyer.[14] There have been occasional new Dane Cook Gets... brickfilms in the years since.

There are over a hundred brickfilms featuring Dane Cook meeting his demise, and the vast majority of them have been compiled in a YouTube playlist.