Dancing on The Moon
The astronaut is invited to dance
The astronaut is invited to dance
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Directed by
Released April 5, 2001
Jason Rowoldt
Music video
Running time
Language English

Dancing on The Moon is a 2001 music video brickfilm by Jason Rowoldt about astronauts on the moon.[1] It is set to the song "Walking on the Moon" by The Police, and it is Rowoldt's second brickfilm. In a poll held by Brickfilms.com in April 2001, it was voted as viewers' third favorite film in the directory at the time, after The Thing by Andy Thornbery and Brain Damage by Robert Thomas.[2]

Plot[edit | edit source]

On the moon, an astronaut collecting rock samples wishes he could have more fun. He begins to hear music and sees three dancing astronauts approaching. A female astronaut takes him by the hand and invites him into the dance. The two of them also split from the group and explore the moon together. More and more astronauts arrive and everyone dances. The first astronaut hopes The Police don't sue them.[1]

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