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Damsel in Distress? is a 2005 action-comedy brickfilm by Curt Werline.[1] It is about a woman who is terrorized by multiple villains throughout her day.[2] It was created for the Heroes and Villains Contest on and placed seventh overall.


A bad guy in a top hat drives a train towards a woman he has tied up far ahead on the track. She screams for help as the train gets closer and closer. Eventually, A masked man arrives and reroutes the train just before it hits the woman. He unties the woman and leaves with her.

Later, the masked man has the woman tied up on a conveyor belt travelling towards a lazer. Just before the woman is zapped, the lazer is clogged up with web as Spider-Guy swings in to swoop her up. Even later, Spider-Guy has the woman tied up on a road with a safe hanging above her. Before he can cut the web holding the safe, the Jedi Dark Lukewarmer arrives to take the woman away. Even later again, the Jedi is about to kill the woman, when finally Alabama Jones arrives to shoot him and free the woman. She begins to fall in love with Alabama Jones.

Now living together, the woman nags Alabama Jones incessantly. Jones fantasizes about taking care of her with a poisoned pizza, and phones up his dad to order a pizza with the "special" topping.[2]


  • Richard Stephens as Bad guy, Masked stranger, 2nd floor resident, Dark Lukewarmer, Alabama Jones
  • Hannah Stephens as Damsel
  • Melinda Stephens as Damsel, 3rd floor resident
  • Trevor Werline as Spider-Guy
  • Lucas Stephens as Spider-Guy
  • Dori the cat as Rat, Kitten
  • Curt Werline as 4th floor resident, Dark Lukewarmer breathing, Papa Jones


  • Curt Werline - Director
  • Richard Stephens - Video editor, Sound engineer