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DallArt is a group of Czech filmmakers founded by Filip "Icewalker" Mareš in 2002. Icewalker has been creating brickfilms under the DallArt name since 2003.[1] In brickfilming, they are best known for The Diary of Horace Wimp.


Year Title Notes
2003 Mini-Beatclash
2003 Hallway Debate
2004 Blind & Retarded Publicly released in 2013[2]
2005 Inspection
2006 Last of the Gungans
2007 A Weird Crystal
2009 The Diary of Horace Wimp
2012 Tribute to The Skeletor Show
2014 Icewalker's Bucket Challenge
2015 Pour feliciter
2015 Jan Hus 2015
2016 Immigrants
2016 Star Wars and Jesus
2017 Gay Alien
2017 Divorce sucks
2018 Joey at the Court
2019 Story of Easter EASTER Contest 2019 entry