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Daisy Wardell is an American animator. She is known in brickfilming for the early dynamic duo series Ralph and Rupert, including films such as Money, Mad Crazy Scientist, and Hallowieners.


Full filmography
Year Title Notes
2004 Rapunz-oops Rapunzel parody
2004 Stop! thief! Disqualified High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2004 Mad Crazy Scientist Disqualified High Adventure Theatre Contest entry[1]
2004 Magic Marker
2004 Hallowieners
2005 Money
2005 No News is Good News Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest second place winner
2005 Halo: Birth of a Legend teaser trailer
2006 Montage Clip: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
2006 Montage Clip: A Few Good Men
2006 Schlockstars trailer Disqualified miniFIG Trailer Competition first place winner
2007 Purgatimmy X Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 4 entry