Curiosity Killed the Stormtrooper
The stormtrooper leaves after pulling the lever
The stormtrooper leaves after pulling the lever
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Directed by
Ryan Lorg
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Curiosity Killed the Stormtrooper is a 2007 Star Wars brickfilm by Ryan "Shadow the Rebel" Lorg. It is about a stormtrooper who decides to pull a level despite the caution not to.[1] It was originally planned for the LEGO Star Wars Movie Making Contest, but due to unclear rules and late clarifications, it was only started about 3 days before the deadline. 90% of it was shot in two days but Lorg decided to not enter the contest, to allow for the proper time to be given to the rest of the film and to the original score.[2] It is Lorg's second and final brickfilm, following Skywalker Wrench.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A stormtrooper patrols up and down on the Death Star. Meanwhile, Darth Vader brushes his teeth with an electric toothbrush. The stormtrooper looks at a lever with a caution not to touch it, and looks around before deciding to pull it down. He sees no difference, but in the bathroom, Darth Vader's toothbrush has stopped working.

The stormtrooper walks away, and a second stormtrooper arrives and puts the lever back up. Vader's toothbrush activates again. The first stormtrooper returns and sees the lever back up, so puts it down again. The second stormtrooper sees him and puts the lever up. The two stormtroopers repeatedly put the lever down and up rapidly, until they are distracted. They see that an angry Vader has arrived, and they try to run away but bump their heads together.[1]

Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Ryan "Shadow the Rebel" Lorg - Director
  • Joseph Frank - Score

References[edit | edit source]

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