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Culmination is a 2009 drama brickfilm by Nathan Mancini. It follows a man, Jason, who has become a successful businessman and is inspired to take a chance on homeless people living in a square.[1] It is set to music by Vitamin String Quartet. It is the sequel to Fulfillment from 2008, and it is Mancini's last brickfilm.[2]


Jason, a successful businessman who was once homeless, watches buskers and sees homeless people around a square. A well-dressed man appears and the buskers stop playing, as the man glares at everyone before kicking over the buskers' pot and returning to his fine restaurant in the square. Jason stays around until night and reflects on his own time spent as a homeless person, recalling how he received a new chance at life thanks to a generous donation.

Jason purchases an empty lot in the square, despite the hefty cost. He adds a "Now hiring" sign and begins to fix up his lot. One of the homeless people joins to help with the construction. A homeless person with a frying pan arrives to take up position as a chef. Townspeople become intrigued by the developing project, and more of the homeless offer their services. The business eventually opens, advertising inexpensive cuisine.

Hype that had been generating causes business to boom immediately. Customers are lined up around the square, meanwhile nobody enters the fine restaurant. The line causes a large increase in donations to the buskers. Jason hands out paychecks to his employees, who buy themselves some new clothing and eventually begin to rent apartments. Ultimately, the owners of the fine restaurant put their lot up for sale.[1]