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Crossroad is a 2004 gangster brickfilm by Patryk Wawer.[1] It follows a gang member who is transporting the body of a man with a considerable price on his head.[2] It was the last brickfilm released by Wawer for many years, until he returned to brickfilming in 2011 and began releasing films again in 2012.


A gangster, Mark, kills a man, and drives away with the body. He talks about how he is fed up with doing dirty work for gangsters for four years, and how this is the last job he will do for them. He mentions that when he delivers the body, they will get his "little surprise".

The road is blocked by a different group of gangsters who order Mark to get out of his car. When they realize he is not who they are looking for, Gonzales, they put their guns down. They ask him if he knows about the big reward on Gonzales and tell him they don't want Gonzales alive, thinking he looks like an assassin who might be able to bring Gonzales back to them.

Mark continues driving, surprised that the gangsters let him go without checking the trunk, where Gonzales' body resides. He gets a phone call from his boss who tells him to call off the job as they don't need Gonzales any more. They tell him to leave Gonzales' body on the road, which he does not want to do. He instead decides to go back to claim a reward from the gangsters on the road.

Upon delivering Gonzales' body, he is rewarded handsomely and drives away, planning his retirement. An explosion is heard, and Mark realizes the gangsters must have triggered his bomb by accident, remembering the little surprise he had left that was intended for his bosses.[2]


  • Eric Russoniello as Mark
  • Sean Collins as Gangster #1
  • Patryk Wawer as Gangster #2
  • Hans Baumgartner as Boss on phone