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Crispy Cheeser, variably known as The Continuing Adventures of Crispy Cheeser with Finkle George Adventure 39: Bringing Up Baby[1] and The Adventures of Crispy Cheeser: Where the Sharks Are!,[2] among other titles, is a 2004 surreal slapstick comedy brickfilm by Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux and Ryan Barker.[3]


Crispy Cheeser and Finkle George are chased down the street by a shark. They decide to split up and the shark follows Crispy. With the shark continuing to gain on him, he calls out for Finkle George, but receives no response. It is revealed that Finkle George has reached a tropical island and is relaxing while being tended to by several servants. He lets out a chant and throws a goblet, which somehow lands back on the street where Crispy is being chased. Crispy trips on the goblet and the shark jumps at him. The film ends on a cliffhanger regarding his fate.

The Exciting Conclusion[]


An ominous figure looks on

An "exciting conclusion" for the film was released later in the month.[4] In this continuation, titled as Episode 40: Burgertown Blues, the shark eats Crispy Cheeser. A sinister-looking man whom Crispy had passed observes the gory scene as ominous music plays. The credits jokingly state that "Crispy Cheeser and Finkle George will return in: Double Trouble 2: The Pope Slips on a Banana Peel".[5]


  • Ryan Barker as Crispy Cheeser
  • Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux as Jim the Sound Guy



Finkle George runs by the protagonist in Paragraph

The film is referenced in the 2015 brickfilm Paragraph by Steffen Troeger and Hendrik Denkhaus, in which Finkle George is chased down a corridor by a shark, mimicking the opening shot of Crispy Cheeser.