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Cowboy Hat is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by James Morr. It follows a man, Ignatious, who is tormented by the unwanted return of his disowned cowboy hat and is forced to confront his demons head-on.[1] Upon release, it was particularly noted for its digital facial animation; more of a rarity at the time.[2]


Ignatious approaches two friends on a street, and one comments that he likes Ignatious' cowboy hat. An initially confused Ignatious is horrified to realize that his cowboy hat has returned, and tears it from his head. He produces various weapons with which to attack it. He scolds it for no longer being a part of his life and the dejected cowboy hat scurries away onto the road, where it is run over.

Ignatious turns towards his friends and compliments Arnold on his baseball cap, which has suddenly appeared.[1]