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Cornelius Koch is a German brickfilmer. He is known for films such as The Job, Rübermachen and iWater, and also for co-founding the German brickfilming forum BrickBoard alongside Felix C. In 2013, Koch announced his intention to step down as administrator of BrickBoard, and passed control to Mirko Horstmann in 2014.[1] He continues to produce films in collaboration with other brickfilmers on occasion.


From 2003 to 2008, Cornelius Koch often co-directed his films with a friend, Theodor Becker.

Year Title Notes
2003 Car Trouble[2]
2003 Beverly Brick Cop (German)
2003 Die Drei Beiden: Detlef & Dieter Allein zu Haus[3]
2004 Blind Flight 537 (Blindflug 537)
2004 Planned Coincidence
(Geplanter Zufall)
A Peculiar Event Contest entry
2004 Good Morning
2004 Lost High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2004 Die Drei Beiden: Im Park[4]
2005 The Job Heroes and Villains Contest entry
Steinerei 2005 Jury Best Film winner
2006 Das Gespenst von Canterville Steinerei 2006 entry
2006 Was ist los Ottmar?
2007 made in 2 days Steinerei 2007 entry
2008 Rübermachen Co-production with Felix C.
Steinerei 2008 entry[5]
2008 Einstein Co-production with Janosch Asen, Martin Bretzer, Tobias Becker and nichtgedreht
2009 Der Sündenhamster und die fünf Kontinente Co-production with nichtgedreht
Steinerei 2009 Jury third place choice
2010 Objektivation Co-production with Sebastian Ladwig, Julian Mitz and Jan-Felix Wuttig
Steinerei 2010 Jury third place choice
2011 Das Rauschen der Luft Co-production with Lukas Helmbrecht, Kilian Helmbrecht, Steffen Troeger and Joscha Denzel[6]
Steinerei 2011 entry
2015 iWater Co-production with Steffen Troeger[7]
2015 Bender & Schillinger - Sisyphos Commissioned by Bender & Schillinger
LEGO animation segment co-produced with Steffen Troeger[8]
2016 LEGO Minifigures: DFB - Die Mannschaft[9] Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2016 FÄT Co-production with nichtgedreht
Steinerei 2016 entry