Corn Season
The farmer struggles to pull a corn plant
The farmer struggles to pull a corn plant
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Directed by
"The Tenacious Brick"
  • Comedy
  • Action
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Corn Season is a 2018 brickfilm by "The Tenacious Brick".[1][2] It follows a farmer who is collecting corn, before something unexpected happens.[3] It was created for the fifteenth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, in which it won second place.[4]

Plot[edit | edit source]

A farmer heads out to his corn field and begins to pull and collect corn. He has difficulty pulling one corn plant, until it pops out and sends him flying back. It turns out to be a sentient corn-man, who begins running as the farmer follows. The corn-man leads the farmer to a group of goblins destroying the corn plants, and the farmer takes out his scythe before he and the corn-man battle the goblins. The goblins are soon defeated.[3]

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