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Copyright Craze is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Matthew Lieberman and Cody Lieberman. It is the third film in the Matt and Cal series and follows the pair as they accidentally repeatedly rip off other brickfilms and become concerned about copyright infringement.[1] The various references to other brickfilms were all used with permission of the original creators.[2]

The line "It's not a cult! It's a family", referring to the brickfilming community, became a recurring saying within the community.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]


Matt and Cal walk down a street before sitting on a bench as they argue over whether Yoda or Darth Vader could win in a fight, but Matt suddenly stops the argument. He produces a copyright book and reads that they are in copyright violation under the section of reproduction of copyrighted dialogue and that all culprits will face the enduring wrath of the Bluntman, but Cal is not concerned. Ned Kelly walks towards them but Matt pushes him away to avoid breaching another copyright. Cal distracts Matt by claiming to see a giant hand grabbing someone's head and grabs the copyright book to scratch something out in it. Matt doesn't see the hand and tells Cal that this better not be another prank, thinking back to the time he was tricked into joining the Jedi order, which didn't end well.

Cal comments that it is quiet today and Matt responds "Well, it’s a sunday morning. Not much happens on a Sunday", as a time machine fades in and out in the background. Matt thinks the conversation is sounding familiar and goes to check the copyright book again. He finds a section scratched out and decides that it couldn't possibly be of relevance, so resumes the conversation. Just then, police arrive and surround Matt for violating copyright. They arrest him and take him away, and The Temp takes his place on the bench beside Cal.

The credits sequence from Great Microbiologists begins to play before it is halted by the copyright cop.[1]




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