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Copyright (French: Droits d'auteur) is a 2011 comedy adventure brickfilm directed by Maxime Marion and co-written with Lilian Ginet. It is the second film in the Henri & Edmond series. After downloading a song, Henri is tracked down by a copyright protection agency. There's only one plastic figure who can save him, his best friend Edmond, the fireman.

Copyright is often recognised as one of the greatest brickfilms ever made.[1][2][3][4]



  • Hervé Bonafos as Henri
  • Jean-Marie Pexoto as Edmond
  • Fabien Floris as Vince Stub
  • Lilian Ginet as Dominique Variance
  • Coline Bretz as Agent Kieffer
  • Philippe Cambre as Agent Muchensturm, Fireman Fritz
  • Geoffrey Castelot as Fireman Schmitt
  • Jean-Rene Helbert as SACOM technician
  • Nicolas Huber as Agent Kuhn, Fireman Hueber
  • Maxime Marion as Eco-chrono salesman, Driver
  • Thierry Meyer as The captain of the firemen
  • Franck Rivolet as Fireman Lorrain
  • Quentin Billard as The doctor


  • Maxime Marion - Writer, Director, Animator, Set design, Lighting
  • Lilian Ginet - Writer, Assistant director, Lighting, "The Dragonflies" visuals
  • Jean-Rene Helbert - Assistant director, Animator
  • Franck Rivolet - Sound
  • Quentin Billard - Original music
  • Benjamin Briggs - Electronic music arrangements
  • Thierry Meyer - Set design
  • Guy Meyer - Set design
  • Pierre Charles - Set design assistance
  • Laurent Thevenard - Set design assistance
  • Françoise Aujoux - Paintings
  • Dan Ene - Motion design
  • Wiliaam Anaïs - Storyboards and graphic design
  • Sebastien Fritz - Backgrounds
  • Jean Wickersheimer - Technical help and advice
  • ASTEC TV - Image and lighting technical equipment
  • SEPPIA - Audio technical equipment


Copyright was nominated in 10 out of 11 of the categories in the 2011 BiMAs, and won 7. The award for Best Vocal Performance went to Jean-Marie Pexoto for his role as Edmond.

Year Competition Category Result
2011 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Film Won
Best Animation Nominated
Best Screenplay Won
Best Cinematography Won
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Set Design Nominated
Best Original Score Won
Best Vocal Performance Won
Best Ensemble Cast Won
Viewer's Choice Won


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