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Contrast was a brickfilming competition hosted by Joseph Hayden on the Bricks in Motion forums in 2013. Billed as an "unofficial long form contest", it was created due to the absence of a major once-off contest held officially by the site that year. Hayden was BiM site staff at the time, and later hosted the official BiM summer contest Movie Magic in 2018. Contrast was later described by Bricks in Motion as "technically not an official BiM summer contest, but it might as well have been."[1]


After the disappointing turnout of the Kitchen Sink Contest in 2012, the staff of Bricks in Motion had lost faith in the model of major summer contests run by the site, despite issues unique to Kitchen Sink having been identified.[2] No official Bricks in Motion competition was held in the summer of 2013, marking the first year since the founding of that a website-run once-off contest had not occurred in the English-speaking community. Bricks in Motion staff member Joseph Hayden created the Contrast Contest to carry on the format.

The Contrast Contest was announced on June 25, 2013 with the deadline set at August 25.[3] The theme was intended to be geared towards story and this aspect was weighted heavily in the contest judging. Entries had to contain over 30 seconds of animation. There was no maximum time limit. The contest received 14 entries. A playlist containing most of these can be found here.

Judging and prizes[]

The contest was judged by a panel consisting of Joseph Hayden, Philip Heinrich and Shannon "CartoonKid98" Birch. The judging criteria were Theme, weighted at 20%, Audio at 20%, Visuals at 20% and Story at 40%.[4]

At the time of announcement, there were no prizes for the contest. However, prizes for the top three were later added, using a prize pool format. These were a $20 gift certificate for, 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack and a copy of LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite on Blu-Ray.


Place Film Name Director
1. Perpetual Twilight Jorden Davis
2. Monochrome Neal Tovstiga
3. Pros and cons "Sylther"
4. The Chamber Trevor Sprague
5. If Rooftops Could Talk Shelby Pritchard
6. Land and Sky X Noah "Bakeranimator" Fields
7. The Red Knight "Willco66"
8. The Creation of the Peanutbutter and Jelly Sandwich "Lavamation"
9. Streets of Fortune "Splittershot"
10. Sketch Nathan Mellace
11. Memories Stefan Muscat
12. Change Can Happen X "Zachary Volt" and Omar "Mickey" Mickelson
13. Contrast Kaleb Barkman
14. The Horror Dream Susan Duineveld, Kayne van Eijk and Celeste Mol ("Talented Trio")