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Colin Williamson is an American video game industry professional who created brickfilms in the 1990's. His films were shared through the website of the magazine PC Gamer (where he was a columnist at the time) in 1998 and 1999,[1] placing his brickfilms among the very first shared online and likely the first amateur brickfilms shared on a major website.[2] He is best known for his brickfilms starring Corporal Dan, particularly Corporal Dan: Revelations.


Year Title Notes
1995 LEGO Kombat X Collection of tests/shorts
1995 Corporal Dan Also known as Who is Corporal Dan?
1995 Joy Ride Also known as When Airplanes Attack!
1995 Meteor Shower
1995 The Deadly Present Also known as The Cat. The Stove. And Some Guy.
1995 Horse: A Tragedy
1998 Corporal Dan: Showdown Also known as The Road Killers
1999 Corporal Dan: Revelations