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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Coffee & Carnage is a 2014 dark comedy horror brickfilm by Jonny Paquette. The story follows the many bizarre and gruesome events that crossover and interweave at the central location of a small diner.[1] It is a feature length brickfilm, and took nine years to be released. Original uploads were deleted due to copyrighted music.



Coffee & Carnage started production in 2005. It was animated over three years, but was not fully edited and released until 2014.[2]


  • Jonny Paquette as Henry, Will, Weed, Charlotte, Coffee Cult Leader, Biff Senior, Various
  • Casey Ruane as Biff, George
  • Jason Brown as Chef
  • Joshua Hutchings as Miller, Floyd, Two-Face, Assistant Cop
  • Tim Blake as Charlie
  • Keelan Cosgrave as Female Zombie, Waiter, Feck, Police Chief
  • Lane Meyer as Mike, Hitman
  • Matt Graham as Junky
  • Ed Lane as Male Zombie



Coffee and Carnage was nominated for six awards in the 2014 Bricks in Motion Awards. Jonny Paquette as the bartender received the nomination for Best Vocal Performance.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2014 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Film Won
Best Screenplay Won
Best Cinematography Won
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Vocal Performace Nominated
Best Ensemble Performace Won