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Clone Training Center: Episode 1 is a 2016 comedy brickfilm by Jordan Johnson. It is the first film in a reboot series based on Johnson's 2009 brickfilm Clone Training Center, and it follows the creation of the clones Bridge and Gus, before they are sent to the Clone Training Center.[1] Clone Training Center: Episode 2 was released in 2017.

There had been an attempt in 2014 to crowdfund the Clone Training Center series and have it made on a larger scale with multiple crew members, but the Kickstarter was not successful.[2] In January 2016, Jordan Johnson announced that he would be making the series by himself. So far, only two episodes out of a planned six have been released.



  • Cameron Martin as Factory Worker 1
  • Jade Caron as Factory Worker 2
  • Paul Hollingsworth as Barney
  • Nathan Johnson as Struggling Clone 2, Intercom voice
  • Andrew Tryon as Struggling Clone 3
  • Jordan Johnson as Clumsy Clone, Gus, all other voices
  • Fenix Coffey as Butch
  • Gus Danko as Training center clone


  • Jordan Johnson - Writer, Director
  • Josh Watson - Writer
  • AudioBlade - Original music



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