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Clone Training Center is a 2009 sci-fi comedy brickfilm by Jordan Johnson, based on Star Wars.[1] It is about the induction of new clone troopers to the Clone Training Center, where they will be assigned to a specific class based on the judgement of Commander Arlon.[2]

It is the first film to feature the Clonetrooper duo Bridge and Gus, who would go on to become recurring characters in a number of Johnson's future films, starting with A Clone Halloween: Gurve Meh Teh Carndy! the following month. Clone Training Center was later adapted into a new series of brickfilms, beginning in 2016 with Clone Training Center: Episode 1.


A group of new Clonetroopers arrive at the Clone Training Center. Commander Arlon informs them that they will each have a meeting with him and the way they answer his questions will influence his decision on what class to register them in. He takes out the register and asks for Gus, to no reply. Gus is having difficulty with the door outside, but he eventually gets in and goes to his meeting, wherein his hyperactivity perturbs Arlon.

In the hallway, another new recruit, Bridge, is nervous. A more experienced clone notices Bridge and makes his acquaintance, learning that Bridge is hoping to get in to Infantry. Bridge is advised that he is guaranteed to get Infantry is the only answer he gives to every single question is "Shoot it". Bridge is called in for his meeting, and he is asked for his solutions to multiple different scenarios, to which he only replies "Shoot it". Arlon eventually becomes frustrated, thinking Bridge has no interest in providing a serious answer, and says he sees no reason to keep Bridge here any longer. Bridge leaves, assuming he has ruined his chance of being accepted into the Clone Training Center.

The new recruits line up and Commander Arlon goes down the line assigning them each to a class. Gus is given Infantry and is happy, even though he doesn't know what this means. Arlon reaches Bridge, and assigns him also to Infantry. Bridge is relieved to have gotten in, even if it means he will have to spend more time with Gus.[2]

Award nominations[]

Clone Training Center was nominated for one award in the 2009 BiMAs.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Ensemble Cast Nominated

References to other brickfilms[]

Gus mentions that he heard how Commander Arlon killed Darth Maul, referencing a scene in Jordan Johnson's brickfilm Star Wars: The Ruthless Plan, and a brief clip from part 4 of that film plays.


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