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Clone Halloween 2 is a 2013 comedy brickfilm by Jordan Johnson.[1] It is a direct continuation of 2009's A Clone Halloween: Gurve Meh Teh Carndy!, following what happens when Bridge and Gus return to the Clone Training Center after having broken curfew and shot a civilian.[2]

Apart from an announcement video, Clone Halloween 2 was the first brickfilm in four years to star Bridge and Gus. It was followed not long after by Clone Thanksgiving. Another Clone Halloween short, Halloween House Sitting, was released in 2015.


At the Clone Training Center, Commander Arlon has Bridge and Gus in his office, and he throws a report on the table. He chastises Bridge and Gus for not only breaking curfew and leaving training center grounds, but for going out to steal candy at gunpoint. Bridge begins to try to explain that they were just trying to pretend to be trick-or-treating kids in costume to get candy.

Out in the corridors, someone beats up the clones on night shift before planting a timed explosive on a wall. Gus explains in detail to Commander Arlon what he did at the Candy Man's house, including shooting the Candy Man. Bridge tries to lie that Gus means he pretended to shoot him, but Gus goes on about how there was blood everywhere. Arlon is furious, when a wall of the room explodes and a person rolls in. The intruder removes his helmet and reveals himself to be the Candy Man, but Arlon shoots him immediately. Gus searches his body and finally gets some candy.[2]


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