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Climb So High is a 2006 drama brickfilm by Colin Boyle. It follows a man, Robinson, who believes himself to be universally disliked and climbs a mountain in search of help from a wise man.[1] It was an entry into the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest and placed seventh.[2]


Robinson is a man with no friends and no significant other, who is made fun of by all his co-workers. He wishes he could be admired and, in a surreal dream, spots a wise old man atop a mountain. The man states that all Robinson must do is ask and the man will make him knowledgeable, liked and admired. An arrow shows Robinson the way, and he then wakes up.

Some time later, Robinson and a guide are climbing a steep mountain. Robinson explains that he seeks the wise man, but the guide says that the wise man up the mountain is just a myth. The guide loses his footing and falls off the mountain, so Robinson is forced to continue on alone. After two days, Robinson finds himself stuck at a sheer rock face and out of supplies, and hangs in place for hours, not wanting to give up.

He remembers how his co-workers told him his expedition would fail and also thinks of the help he could get from the wise man, and is inspired to brave the dangerous rock face. At the top of the mountain, he finds an old man and asks to be enlightened. The man tells him he has the wrong mountain as the man's twin brother lives on the next mountain over, and that he himself is the dumb twin. Realising that this man cannot help him, Robinson loses the will to live and falls backwards off the mountain.[1]


  • Colin Boyle - Writer, Director, Animator, Voice actor, Composer, Sound effects, Backgrounds, Photography, Sculpting
  • Ryan Boyle - Special thanks

Award Nominations[]

Climb So High was nominated for one award in the 2006 BAMPAs.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Screenplay Nominated