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Circle Circle Dot Dot
Performing in front of a webcam
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Released January 14, 2007
Music video
Running time
Language English
Created for "Circle Circle Dot Dot" Make the Music Video Contest

Circle Circle Dot Dot is a 2007 music video brickfilm by Nate Burr. It is set to the song of the same name by Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone.[1] It was created in two days for the "Circle Circle Dot Dot" Make the Music Video Contest. It won first place in the contest, and as a result became the official music video for the song.[2] The video was reuploaded to YouTube with titles added at the start and end, at the request of Warner Bros.[3]

On January 19, 2007, Circle Circle Dot Dot became the first brickfilm featured on the front page of YouTube,[4] at a time when featured videos were manually selected by staff and often instrumental in popularising channels. It was Burr's third video to be featured. It is likely to have been the brickfilm with the most YouTube views for a number of years.

Notes Edit

  • The two men in the video "lip-sync" into a webcam, referencing a type of video that was popular in the earliest years of YouTube. The webcam shots were filmed on an old Intel CS110 webcam, which Burr had previously used to create some of his earliest brickfilms.
  • A vlog Burr made after winning the contest includes a shot of new animation featuring the characters from the Circle Circle Dot Dot video, and they are named as Jamie Nixon and Stu Pebble.

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