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Christmas with Bluntmation is a 2002 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1][2] It is the ninth film in the Steve and Dave series and is about Steve struggling to get in the Christmas spirit, with Dave initiating montages of their past adventures.[3] This film introduced the reoccurring setting of Steve and Dave's apartment, which helped influence the standard setting for future dynamic duo brickfilms.


On Christmas Eve, Steve and Dave find themselves locked out of their own apartment, and Steve blames Dave for forgetting the keys. They use a grappling hook to climb up to their window and get inside. Steve turns on the TV but finds only Christmas-related movies, shows and news, which he hates. Dave tries to get him in the holiday spirit by playing Christmas music and dancing, which doesn't work. Dave then suggests having a montage, and begins to reminisce about their adventures (and fights) over the past year. A montage of Steve and Dave's previous fights plays, while leaves Steve unimpressed, but Dave tells him you're allowed have montages at Christmas.

Dave feels another montage coming on. A montage plays featuring all the characters they have met in the past year, bringing Steve to question their mental stability due to how many fictional characters they have met. Dave suddenly realises the apartment keys had been in his shoe the whole time, and Steve angrily throws the remote at his head, knocking him out. When Dave awakens, he sees that BoB has arrived, dressed as Santa. He asks BoB how he got here and BoB tells him he came "up" their chimney, which is revealed to actually have been their toilet.[3]


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