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Christmas in a Minute was a brickfilming competition hosted by "Repelling Spider" on the Bricks in Motion forums in 2012 and again in 2013. The aim of the contest was to produce a Christmas-related brickfilm with a maximum time limit of one minute.

Christmas in a Minute 2012[]

The first Christmas in a Minute was announced by "Repelling Spider" on November 29, 2012.[1] The deadline was the end of December 24. Entries were required to contain no copyrighted or non family-friendly content, be made specifically for the contest and include its logo, in addition to the core rule of a one minute maximum time limit. There was also a minimum time limit of 20 seconds.

The contest received 33 entries and was judged by "Repelling Spider", Harrison Allen and an anonymous third judge from outside the brickfilming community. The judging categories were Originality, Story, Animation, Audio, Set Design, and Incorporation of Theme. Prizes were offered for the top three. These were 21002 Empire State Building for 1st, 9469 Gandalf Arrives for 2nd and two figures from 8833 Minifigures Series 8 for 3rd.


In addition to selecting the top three winners overall, each judge selected another film as their honourable mention. These three were Christmas Cookies by Gregory Moore and Garry Moore, Rudolph the Rabid Reindeer X by Ethan "ewccinema" Connell and Christmas in February by Allana "Ac Films" Carnie.[2]

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Place Film Name Director
1. Hark Jay Silver
2. A LEGO Christmas Parker W. Young
3. Tiny Present Giver Isaac Cochrane
4. Snowball Spencer Olson
5. A Gift From Above Walter Benson
6. Christmas Cookies Gregory Moore and Garry Moore
7. Waiting for Santa Marc-André Caron
8. Christmas in February Allana "Ac Films" Carnie
9. Christmas Thieves "Noobster Studios"
10. Snowman Gus "lego838" Simpson
11. Rudolph the Rabid Reindeer X Ethan "ewccinema" Connell
12. A Christmas Film for Repellingspider X "Ps2u"
13. Christmas in a Minute Entry "PMFX Studios"
14. A Stormtrooper Christmas X "mada"
15. The Reason for the Season "Greenshirt"
16. Little Billie's Christmas "LeganzoFilms"
17. A Monster Christmas Costin Modoianu
18. All You Need J. "topitmunkeydog" Shaukat
19. Christmas Nowadays Alexander Leitner and Thomas Leitner
20. The Christmas Robot "CheekiGhost"
21. What Christmas is About Erik "hulken353" Malmén
22. A Soldier's Christmas "xyzprototype448"
23. Christmas With George Lucas Morley Brenenstuhl
24. A Very Merry Star Wars Christmas John "TheBrickFlicks" Chigas
25. Bob's Life: Christmas Brett "ThatManInTheShoes" Schreiber
26. Santa's Christmas Breakdown "mofocoolman"
27. LegoHubTv Christmas Special "LegoHubTv"
28. Harry Potter Christmas Song "liletalilalilo"
29. The Dad Who Forgot Christmas X Jake "TOILikePieStudios" Moreno
30. A LEGO Christmas Tomek "m1kut" Kutereba
31. LEGO Christmas (In a Minute) "Isaac Bricks"
32. Christmas Down Under X "legostudios45"
33. Sleeping Santa X "YellowCupProductions"

Christmas in a Minute 2013[]

The contest returned the following year. Christmas in a Minute 2013 was announced by "Repelling Spider" on December 9.[3] The deadline was again December 24 and the same rules were used as the original iteration, with the addition of a rule disallowing licensed LEGO themes.

The contest received 41 accepted entries[4]. While six of these were disqualified and thus ineligible for prizes, they were still ranked in the final results. The contest was to be judged by a panel consisting of "Repelling Spider", Harrison Allen and Repelling Spider's then-fiancée.[5] However, the final results only used ballots from two judges. Prizes, donated by FireStar Toys and Ethan Olson, were offered for the top three. These were a £25 gift certificate for FireStar Toys, a $10 gift certificate for and a $5 gift certificate for


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Place Film Name Director
1. The Story of Redemption Shelby Pritchard
2. Generic Christmas Film: The Movie Chris Wynn
3. Mr. Fig in: The InstaTree Carl Ferber
4. Do-Over Humberto "BricksPerSecond" Kam
5. The Wise Men Harry "Binding Brick" Pound
6. Christmas 2013 Ethan Olson
7. The Perfect Christmas Tree Grant "GHB" Benson
8. Nice Cop Naughty Cop Hal Warner-Clayton
9. A Short Christmas Milan Harrison
10. Close Encounters of the Christmas Kind "AnimationCreation"
11. The Meaning of Christmas X Michael Schroeder
12. Good King Wenceslas "Willco66"
13. The Never Ending Wish List "Cheeki Animations"
14. Luke's Allergy Michael "LASF" Jurist
15. Modern Christmas "Paradise Bricks"
16. Christmas Jerks Jared "Brickelodeon" Nesbit
17. Inspiration X "Tea Bag"
18. The Mistletoe Christian Gentry
19. We Wish You a Merry LEGO Christmas "The Four Monkeys"
20. A Lego Christmas Short "Psychic Animations"
21. The Wise Men's Journey Brian Harvison
22. The Best Gift I Ever Got Kaleb Barkman
23. The Christmas Joke X "DBProductions"
24. Saving Christmas Spirit X "Nasrsarian"
25. A Christmas Story X (disqualified) Christian Swartzendruber
26. The Christmas Present Funmi Adetola
27. Saving Christmas Stefan Muscat
28. Santa for Real? X "Biblical Bricks Productions"
29. LEGO Christmas 2013 Aapo "Rook13" Leppänen
30. LEGO Christmas Pudding X (disqualified) "Isaac C Productions"
31. LEGO: What Do You Want For Christmas? X Sammy Moore
32. LEGO Batman Christmas Special X (disqualified) "CrazyJason9000"
33. Just for You X "MrMadebynoah"
34. The Santa Debate! X (disqualified) James Carrenard
35. Snowman Stan Nick "OneDouglas" Douglas
36. LEGO in the Olderish Days! X Luke Lopez
37. The Present X (disqualified) "yossi"
38. The Christmas Tree Anna Mitchell
39. Selling Now "ziemek2044" / "Lone Hydra"
40. LEGO Skiing (disqualified) "fartifartek"
41. The Christmas Present X "The Superjuan2000"