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Christmas Holidaze is a 2022 sketch comedy brickfilm serial coordinated by "JO Co" as an official community project of Bricks in Motion. It was executive produced by Zach Macias, as it is a spiritual successor to Macias' 2020 community project serial Quarantine Daze.[1] As with that project, it features submissions from the community strung together in a style similar to Robot Chicken. Clips were required to relate to Christmas or the holiday season in some way, and to be between 20 and 60 seconds long. 52 different animators contributed clips. The development of the project was also assisted by Chris Wynn, Seán Willis, and Jonathan Mangiapane.

Christmas Holidaze also follows a number of annual Christmas collaborations in the community, which began in 2017 with the community project film A Brickfilm Christmas, officially in association with Bricks in Motion. The ones that followed were not in official association with BiM and took the form of individual films gathered in playlists. The project Christmas Brickfilms 2021 also had "JO Co" as a coordinator.

Episode 1: "The Santa Extravaganza"[]

Clip name Director
BiM splash #1 Seán Willis and Brian Willis
Intro sequence #1 "JO Co"
"The Christmas Crusade" Joshua Nelson
"A Normal Christmas" Donell "ToasterChan" Lee
"The Clause" "Nurtnaut"
"Santa VS Grinch" "Loft Studios"
"Santa's Day Off" "Nathan (Mochi2022!)"
"Santa's Robotic Elf" "Le Brick Studios"
"Santa is No Socialist" Sam Dressman
"Santa’s Self-Gift" Joshua Armell
"Christmas Thing" "MulveyMovie"
"Santa Slip Away" Aaron Williams
"Don't Mess With Santa" "JB Films"
"Santa Eats a Cookie and Dies" Conner Mattia
"Christmas Swordfight" Max "Easterwood Production" Osterholz
"Unsurprising Surprise" "Sim Ned Productions"
"Mr. Mittens Christmas Litters" "B4Builds!"
"Almost Home" "Animationbase1982"
"Santa's Speech" Joel "JaguarBrickFilms" Meyer

Episode 2: "CHTV"[]

Clip name Director
BiM splash #2 Seán Willis and Brian Willis
Intro sequence #2 "JO Co"
"NCIS Fresno Promo" Miles "StormTheBlank" Hodnett
"Sal Esman Presents: The Magic Detector" Chris McNick
"An Unpleasant Surprise" "Anteriaa"
"The History of Christmas in Under 50 Seconds" Max "Maxed Out Productions" McPhee
"The Nutcracker Trailer" "Star Brick Studios"
"The Polar Express But It’s A Generic Action Movie" "Chillypenguinstuds"
"A Very Scar Christmas" Sam Futhey
"A Holiday Interview" "Puskov"
"Chewbacca’s Christmas" "Beach Trooper"
"Hulk’s Depressing Christmas" "TRStudios"
"Marvel Holidays" "The_Ferdynand0"
"Dane Cook Christmas" Robert "FeinsteinFilms" Santine
"Merry Christmas" "MCC Studios"

Episode 3: "Around the world in Christmas Holidaze"[]

Clip name Director
BiM splash #3 Seán Willis and Brian Willis
Intro sequence #3 "JO Co"
"Wackadoo Aussie Christmas" Tobias Jay
"TMF Movie: Christmas Special 2022" "TinyMushroomFilms"
"The Gift Snowman" "Brickston Studios"
"Joe and Jesus - A Christmas Story" "T&M Media Pictures"
"Snowball fight gone wrong" "Bradee"
"The Ghost of Christmas Fights" "Hamrichonn"
"Crazy Critters 5" "Humbug"
"Die drei Spatzen" Joseph Hayden
"A Classic Christmas Tale" "Daphne (Mochi2022!)"
"A Horrible Holliday Joke" "Brix Flix"
"The Magic of Christmas" "MattSaturn"
"The September Shopping Problem" "Benji Studios"
"Santa's Last Delivery" "JAM Productions"
"Sonic Says" William Osborne
"A Spiffing Roast" "2x2 Brick Studio Bros Productions"
"Bricks in Motion Holidaze thing" "Maosl"
"Jimmy's Last Christmas" Ian "Orbital Lizard Studios" McNinch
"A History of Kindness" Ilmari Teekkinen
"Christmas on the moon" "Moth fan48"
"A Robot's Tannenbaum" "Obstinarian"

Raffle prizes[]

Christmas Holidaze offered entrants the chance to win one of four LEGO set prizes, provided via the LEGO Ambassador Network. The prize pool consisted of 21335 Motorised Lighthouse, 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block, 10497 Galaxy Explorer, and 76911 007 Aston Martin DB5. Following the premiere of the third episode, a livestream took place in which winners were picked by spinning a wheel of all entrants' names. First pick went to "T&M Media Pictures", second pick went to Joshua Nelson, third pick went to Chris McNick, and fourth pick initially went to "2x2 Brick Studio Bros Productions",[2] who asked to pass it on, and so it went to Ian "Orbital Lizard Studios" McNinch.


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