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Chris Salt is a British brickfilmer. He is known for brickfilms including Out of Time and Bowling for Sandercoe. In more recent years, he has created multiple CG brickfilms and brickfilms commissioned by clients.[1]


Year Title Notes
2002 Out Of Time Trailer
2002 Mike and Geoff's Christmas Message
2003 Out of Time
2003 Out of Time Outtake #1
2003 The Chicken Dance Informal Chicken Dance Contest entry
2003 Where'd The Cheese Go?
2003 A Wasted Journey
2003 Words of Wisdom Words of Wisdom Contest Best Theme winner
2003 Doctor Who: The Celestial Toyshop
2004 Twisted
2004 The Brick Gulch Chronicles
2005 Tough Questions
2007 Pneuma Late entry to Kristin Hersh "Learn to Sing Like A Star" video contest
2007 Bowling for Sandercoe Justin Sandercoe's "Most Innovative Use of a Guitar" Competition winner
2008 Jane's Brain Adam & Joe Video Wars Competition winner
2009 Dane Cook Gets Goosed By a Pirate With a Hook For a Hand
2009 Dane Cook Gets Squashed by an Elephant on a Bicycle
2009 Dane Cook Gets Sicked Up On By A Possessed Little Girl
2009 Star Wars: Reservoir Squads
2009 The Many Moods of Dane Cook
2009 Movember
2010 Knucklehead
2010 Changes (for 6 Music)
2010 The Hand of God Created for talkSPORT radio
2010 Printed Circuit - Brick It Official music video
2010 Have Yourself A Precious Little Christmas
2011 Bat Lieutenant - Exclusive Trailer!
2011 Darren Hayman - My Dream Train Official music video
2011 The Pelvis Song
2011 LJ Rich - My LEGO Piano
2011 Cooking With Darth
2012 LEGO Show Promo Created for The LEGO Show in Manchester
2012 Unused LEGO Show Promo Created for The LEGO Show in Manchester
2013 LEGO Space: Building the Future Promotion for the book LEGO Space: Building the Future by Peter Reid and Tim Goddard
2013 JMARK Ad Commissioned by JMARK Business Solutions
2013 Who's on First[2]
2013 SatNativity Created for an unknown client
2014 Cobbler Bob[3] Created for Adam Buxton's Bowie Bug Show
2014 Anodyne Systems Product Catalogue Created for Peter Reid's turtle factory exhibit
2014 Incident on Panduro
2014 LEGO® Ideas #007 -- Exo Suit Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2014 Groot's Guide to 76020 Knowhere Escape Created for New Elementary
2015 LEGO Top Gear Commissioned by the BBC[4]
2015 Found Footage Dane Cook Gets... film
2015 Bricks Magazine - Launch Animation Commissioned by Bricks Magazine[5]
2015 Minifig for Life Commissioned by
2016 Turtle Factory Tour Created for Peter Reid's turtle factory exhibit
2016 You Blacktrons!
2016 Tiny Lego Café Created for the Adam and Joe 20th anniversary show
2021 Solid State - Beep Official music video

In the Media[]

In November 2003, Chris Salt and his film A Wasted Journey were the focus of an article in Wired Magazine on brickfilming.[6] In 2011, he was featured in an article on the BBC News website in which he spoke about the benefits of using LEGO for stop-motion.[7][8]