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Chris Salaises and Ian Holmquist are American brickfilmers.[1] They are known for the series Minilife TV, a series which is notable in brickfilming for its large number of installments and regular release. They are currently working on a feature length installment, Minilife: Origins.[2]


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Year Title Notes
2007 Star Trek: More Tribbles More Troubles / Part 2 / Part 3
2007 LEGO Star Trekkin!
2007 Batman-Joker preview
2007? Put a Little Love in Your Heart
2008 Camera Test
2008 LEGO Batman: The Penguin's Catch
2009 LEGO Lightsaber Test
2009 Star Trek The Changling Act 1
2009 Up-Standing Troopers (Pilot)
2009 Han Solo VS Captain Kirk
2009 Up-Standing Troopers Episode 1: Darth Vader
2009 Holohead
2009 Up-Standing Troopers Episode 2: Kahnbay East
2009 Star Wars Uncut - Scene 148
2009 Up-Standing Troopers Episode 3: Ghost Story
2010 April Fools!
2010 Up-Standing Troopers Episode 4: New Armor
2010 Terry Serpent's Swimming Spectacle!
2010 Catcher in the Rye Scene
2010 Twilight Rave
2010 Bad News
2011 Prop Room
2011 Terry Serpent's Swimming Spectacle Ep2
2012 Man and Mime
2012 Minilife TV Ep1: Dummy Demolition
2012 Minilife TV Ep2: Rescue Mission
2012 Minilife TV Ep3: The Five Stages of DEATH!
2012 Minilife TV Ep4: How to Cook a VAMPIRE!
2012 Minilife TV Ep5: Runaway BABY!
2012 Minilife TV Ep6: DREAM Sequence!
2012 Minilife TV Ep7: Painting with Billy Mosh!
2012 Minilife TV Ep8: Crossing Ian
2012 Minilife TV Ep9: Starsaber Duel
2012 Minilife TV Ep10: STORY TIME!
2012 Minilife TV Ep11: 1-800-MINIDIAL
2012 Minilife TV Ep12: The Splitzies 5000!!!
2012 Minilife TV Ep13: Making Up Words
2012 Minilife TV Ep14: SHocking-thIngs-thaT Legondian People Say
2012 Minilife TV Ep15: Season 1 Finale!
2012 Minilife TV Ep16: Season 2 Premiere!!!
2012 Minilife TV Ep17: A Dark Night
2012 Minilife TV Ep18: DEATH'S VLOG!!!
2012 Minilife TV Ep19: Some Nights
2012 Minilife TV Ep20: Mime Support
2012 Minilife TV Ep21: How I Got Your Laptops
2012 Minilife TV Ep22: The Late Night Snowball
2012 Minilife TV Ep23: Birds N' the Bees
2012 Minilife TV Ep24: The Quest for ICE CREAM!!!
2012 Minilife TV Ep25: The Man With The Box Sketch
2012 Minilife TV Ep26: The Late Night Snowball
2012 Minilife TV Ep27: Home Alone
2012 Minilife TV Ep28: Prank Week!
2012 Minilife TV Ep29: Robots, Wizards, and Rock 'n Roll
2012 Minilife TV Ep30: Season 2 Finale!
2012 The Spook Contest ReBrick Flick Halloween Competition entry
2013 Minilife TV Ep31: Mini-Monster Mayhem!
2013 Minilife TV Ep32: That's So Gay!
2013 Minilife TV Ep33: WORLD RECORD BREAKING!!!
2013 Minilife TV Ep34: Of Pancakes And Baseball Caps (PART 1)
2013 Minilife TV Ep35: Of Pancakes And Baseball Caps (PART 2)
2013 Minilife TV Ep36: The Late Night Snowball
2013 Minilife TV Ep37: Poking the Pilot
2013 Minilife TV Ep38: The Late Night Snowball
2013 Minilife Harlem Shake
2013 Minilife TV Ep39: One Year Anniversary
2013 Minilife TV Ep40: A Day in the Life of [Melvin] the Ninja
2013 Minilife TV Ep41: Trouble Ian Paradise
2013 Archiegram
2013 Minilife TV Ep42: Snowball's Birthday (PART 1)
2013 Minilife TV Ep43: Snowball's Birthday (PART 2)
2013 Minilife TV Ep44: City Hall
2013 Minilife TV Ep45: Season 3 Finale!
2013 Minilife Character Responses RND1
2013 Minilife Character Responses RND2
2013 Minilife Character Responses RND3
2013 Minilife Character Responses RND4
2014 Minilife TV Ep46: Abel Arrives
2014 Minilife TV Ep47: Abel's Story
2014 Minilife TV Ep48: Flashback to Fortune Teller Fankii
2014 Minilife TV Ep49: Check-In at the Tournament
2014 Minilife TV Ep50: The Preliminary Rounds
2014 Minilife TV Ep51: Chris and Ian's Fight for Minilife
2014 Minilife TV Ep52: Clair's Surprise
2014 Minilife TV Ep53: Snowball's Encounter
2014 Minilife TV Ep54: The Quarter Finals Begin
2014 Minilife T-Shirts Announcement!
2014 Minilife TV Ep55: The Semi-Finals
2014 Minilife TV Ep56: Snowball's Late Night Adventure
2014 Minilife TV Ep57: The Final Match
2014 Minilife TV Ep58: The X-Team Attacks
2014 Minilife TV Ep59: A New Terror Arrives
2014 Minilife TV Ep60: Baby Crotchrash Returns
2015 Minilife TV Ep61: Spirit in the Sky
2016 Droids VS Daleks
2016 LEGO Ghostbusters Directed by Paul Hollingsworth
2016 Minilife TV Ep62: Baking Bran (PART 1)
2016 Minilife TV Ep63: Baking Bran (PART 2)
2016 Minilife TV Ep64: Parting Rose
2016 Minilife TV Ep65: Super Mini-Bros.
2016 Minilife TV Ep66: Clair's Goodbye
2016 Minilife TV Ep67: Longview
2016 Minilife TV Ep68: Dream Sequence (Again)
2016 Minilife TV Ep69: The Lost Undead
2017 LEGO Batman Free Bird Directed by Paul Hollingsworth
LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films entry
2017 A Message from The Emperor...
2017 Minilife TV Ep70: Chris and Ian Shamelessly Promote Themselves
2017 The Armless Guy | Official Trailer [HD] | Brickflix
2017 Minilife TV Ep71: One of a Kind
2017 Melvin's Ninja Dojo
2017 Minilife TV Ep72: The Vampodcast
2017 Harry's Hat Store!
2017 Minilife TV Ep73: Happiness Is A Sparked Lake
2017 Minilife TV Ep74: Life with Death
2017 Star Wars: Epic Trench Run Directed by Paul Hollingsworth
Commissioned by IGN
2017 Billy Mosh's Talent-Fit Course!
2017 Minilife TV Ep75: The Party
2018 Jurassic Disney World Directed by Paul Hollingsworth
2019 Motivational Piccolo in LEGO
2019 Minilife Chronicles: The Ninja
2019 Minilife Chronicles: The Rose
2019 Minilife Chronicles: The Mayor
2019 Minilife Chronicles: The Armless Guy
2019 Minilife Chronicles: The Vampire
2019 Minilife Chronicles: The Program Coordinator
2019 Minilife Chronicles Mid-Season Break Announcement
2020 A Special Message From Nosty The Robot
2020 Sneak Peek at Minilife Chronicles: The Student and The Master (First Minute)
2021 Welcome to Minilife TV!
2021 Batman: The Animated Dream That Vince Had Once
2021 Kenobi Quarantine
2021 Minilife Next Up 11.15.21
2021 Minilife Chronicles: The Student and The Master
2021 LEGO Spider-Man reacts to No Way Home Trailer
2023 The Minilife TV "LOST EPISODE"