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  • 2011 - 2014
  • 2016 - Present
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Chris Major is a American brickfilmer. He is best known for the Bob and Randy series, and for Jeremiah Jedidiah Joe.

History Edit

Chris Major began brickfilming in 2011.[1] Initially, his brickfilms were usually co-created with his brother, Ethan.[2] Early on, they were best known for their brickfilm music videos set to official LEGO Ninjago songs, in particular The Weekend Whip.[3] They created brickfilms from 2011 to early 2014.

In 2016, Chris returned to brickfilming. He released his comeback film, Captain Existential and the Bottomless Pit of No End!, in late 2016, using only one Ninjago set and one polybag. He founded a Discord server for brickfilmers called The Plastic Fist, later renamed The Plastic Films. When Brick à Brack opened their English section in 2017, Chris became a moderator of the site and eventually an administrator.[4] He became a permanent host of the Frame100 Podcast, after a couple of guest appearances. He has also provided voice acting for many other brickfilmers' films.[5]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2011 Amset's Nap
2011 The Weekend Whip
2011 The Ultimate LEGO Villain
2012 Bricksman Begins
2012 Bricksman Returns
2012 The Brick Knight (Get it?)
2012 Build-It Man Begins Directed by Ethan Major
2012 Build-It Man Returns Directed by Ethan Major
2012 These aren't the droids you're looking for...
2012 The Amazing Bricksman
2012 Bricksman Forever
2012 Build-It Man Directed by Ethan Major
2012 Captain Legoland Directed by Ethan Major
2012 BIONICLE - Tea Time
2012 Bricksman HQ Scene
2012 Born to be a Ninja
2012 Gold Brick Productions News Alert!
2012 Serpentine Pizza
2012 Disturbing the Peace
2012 Happy Thanksgiving from Gold Brick Productions!
2012 Ninja-Go!
2012 Bricksman Trailer
2013 Matoran Outtakes
2013 Uruk-Hai TV Co-production with Brandon J.
Remastered in 2017 for and first place winner in "Ezra The Derpy Derp Melon"'s animation contest
2013 Bricksman - Gearing Up
2013 Gold Brick Productions has reached 400 SUBSCRIBERS!
2013 Bricksman Thomas "LegoHobbit12" Ognibene's LEGO StopMotion Contest entry
2014 Chris is Not Tony Stark
2014 The Night Before Brickfilming
2016 Captain Existential and the Bottomless Pit of No End!
2017 Jeremiah Jedidiah Joe
2017 Operation: Family Reunion
2017 Ninjago Court Chaos Dan Tinaglia's LEGO Ninjago Stop-Motion Contest first place winner
2017 Bob and Randy: The Baby
2017 Chris v Weasel: Dawn of Random Brickfilm Mayhem Co-production with "Weasel"
2017 2000 Subscriber Celebration
2017 Bob and Randy: The Pirate Ship Internship Spirit of Adventure Contest entry
2017 Just Deserts (Or, Why To Never Trust A Barista)
2017 Tony Luncharok Thor: Ragnarok Contest entry
2017 A Brickfilm Christmas Community project coordinated by Christof Muñoz
2017 Valley Girl In Space
2018 Caffeine Crisis Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV entry
2018 No Bargain Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest first place winner
2018 Cray * Cray * Cray 8*8*8 8 entry
2018 Dishonored Contest Without Voices entry
2018 Bob and Randy E2.5 - Spirit of the SummerBRAWLtest2018 Brick à Brack Summer Contest 2018 and Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest entry
2018 Bob And Randy E3 - The Freebaker Conspiracy
2018 Fountain - Wolves At The Gate #24 in the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas
2019 Val and Captain - The Mod Element Mystery Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVI entry
2019 What You Are Watching Is Probably The Strangest Thing I've Ever Animated For A Friend
2019 mARTHA VocalFlix third place winner
2019 Mine Own Creation Commissioned by The LEGO Group via Brick à Brack
2019 Bob And Randy E4 - The Freebaker Rescue
2019 Phone Scams and the Car Mafia (LEGO Storytime Animation)
2019 Some Clickbait Video About The Antikythera Mechanism (Not Clickbait) (I SAID IT'S NOT CLICKBAIT) Part of the Brickfilm Day History Event

References Edit

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