Chris LaRocca
Chris LaRocca's signature figure as seen in The Day Crashed
Also known as
  • chosen1
  • Chosenproduction Studios
Years active
2005 - 2008
Nationality US flag American
Notable works
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Chris LaRocca is an American brickfilmer. He is known for his contribution to the community project The Day Crashed, for co-hosting The Brickfilmers Guide Podcast with Nathan Wells,[1] and for films such as Don't Mess With Rich Fools and Poop Jokes.[2]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2002? A Toy Surprise!
2004? A Toy Surprise! II Addition to the first Toy Surprise[3]
2005 Star Wars Reality Trailer X
2005 slaYed Trailer
2005 HeadstronG Trailer
2005 About the Door About a Door parody
2006 Randomness
2006 THAC2 Disaster Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2 film[4]
2006 Don't Mess with Rich Fools Recut
2006 Poop Jokes
2007 The Day Crashed Community project co-ordinated by Nathan Wells

References Edit

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