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Choose Your Own Storyline: The Fight For Paradise Hills is a 2008 comedy brickfilm by Dave Pickett.[1] It is a stand-alone trailer film about a battle between robotic residents of Paradise Hills and invading skeletons.[2] Apart from baseplates, it only uses LEGO elements from the sets 7770 Deep Sea Treasure Hunter and 7092 Skeletons' Prison Carriage.[3]

The film has its origins in a non-animated birthday gift Pickett made for his friend Anat Benzvi, which was then adapted to become an entry to the Nicktoons and LEGO Built By Me Movie Contest.[4] It was one of two second place winners in the 18 and Older category, along with Playback by David Pagano.


Paradise Hills is the home of the Aquatobot brothers Laurence, Thorogood, Marshall, and Harrison. They were built to enjoy life and have a good time, each in their own unique way. They lived peacefully in Paradise Hills for many years, but then it was invaded by the undead.

Four skeleton brothers Sam, Simon, Solomon, and Steve used their nefarious engine to set Paradise Hills aflame, and managed to turn the sun green through sheer force of will. The Aquatobots take up arms to defend their home, and the warring factions are evenly matched. A lone warrior arrives to turn the tide, but must decide which side to assist.[2]


Year Competition Category Result
2008 University of Chicago NSIT 5 Minute Film Festival Best Picture Won
Most Humorous Won