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Cheese Chase is a 2009 slapstick comedy brickfilm by Jon Rolph.[1] It is about a medieval soldier who chases a mouse after it steals his cheese.[2] It was an entry into the first AniExer-size Animation Contest and won second place.[3]


A medieval soldier takes some cheese out of a cupboard and puts it on a table, when mouse quickly arrives and begins eating it. The soldier tries to catch it but the mouse runs away with the cheese, leaving the house through a hole in the wall. The soldier chases the mouse through the town and it hops onto the back of a horse-driven cart, so the soldier jumps onto the back of a nearby cow to give chase. The cart passes a medieval traffic light which then turns red as the cow reaches it, and the cow suddenly stopping sends the soldier flying forwards. The soldier hits against the mouse and knocks the cheese down, where it falls into a river and is then eaten by a bird.[2]