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Chase of Horror (German: Horrorjagd) is a 2006 black comedy horror brickfilm by Martin Bretzer and Tobias Becker.[1][2] It follows a man driving recklessly at night who is chased by the police after stealing money.[3][4]


At night, a man is driving down a road at speed, and runs over two men who have just robbed a bank. The driver gets out, takes the money from the robbers and continues driving. He passes a zoo and hits many animals on the road while listening to "Strangers in the Night" by Frank Sinatra. A police helicopter locates the car, and police cars arrive to give chase.

The driver manages to shake his pursuers, but is then chased by the Kripo. After losing the Kripo, he scrapes against a tanker truck which explodes, and runs through a group of protesters on a train track. His chaos is halted by a police roadblock, and he tries to run away but is taken out by a sniper, before being run over by a tractor.[3]