Character Development
Bob greets Emilio, who is busy
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Released July 26, 2014
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Character Development is a 2014 comedy brickfilm directed by Thomas "Sir-glub" Panio and animatied by Malibu Taetz and Thomas Panio.[1][2] It follows a narrator dictating a story of an interaction between two characters, the perfectly average Bob and the mafioso Emilio.[3] It was created for the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2014, in which it placed fifth.

Plot Edit

Crew Edit

  • Thomas Panio - Director, Animator, Voices
  • Malibu Taetz - Animator, Voices

References to other brickfilms Edit

The character Emilio is largely inspired by a character in The Ruthless Plan Part 5 by Jordan Johnson.

References Edit

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