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Character Development is a 2014 comedy brickfilm directed by Thomas "Sir-glub" Panio and animated by Malibu Taetz and Thomas Panio.[1][2] It follows a narrator dictating a story of an interaction between two characters, the perfectly average Bob and the mafioso Emilio.[3] It was created for the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2014, in which it placed fifth.


On a park bench, Emilio, a man who works with the local mob, is carrying out a hit on a rival gangster when suddenly Bob, in usual fashion, appears out of nowhere and meets. Emilio carries out the hit, leaving Bob to live a life of crime, lest Emilio need to make him disappear as well.

Bob then provokes an argument with the Narrator, claiming that this is not the life he wants to lead and that "crime doesn't pay". The Narrator goes on to explain that this course of action is integral for the story and for Bob's character development. Despite Bob's protestation, the Narrator refuses him the right to be good. Disgusted with his new, unwanted livelihood, Bob kills himself.


References to other brickfilms[]

The character Emilio is largely inspired by a character in The Ruthless Plan Part 5 by Jordan Johnson.