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Changes (for 6 Music) is a 2010 music video brickfilm by Chris Salt.[1][2] It is set to a parody of the David Bowie song "Changes", created by radio DJ Adam Buxton and featuring comedic lyrics protesting the planned closure of BBC Radio 6 Music, presented as if being sung by David Bowie.[3][4] (The plan to close 6 Music was eventually dropped.) It was one of multiple brickfilms by Chris Salt featured as part of a BBC article about brickfilming in 2011. It is also referenced in the 2011 book The Complete David Bowie, written by Nicholas Pegg.[5]

Chris Salt was later requested by Adam Buxton to produce the brickfilm David Bowie - Cobbler Bob, which is also set to audio of Buxton impersonating Bowie.[6]


  • Adam Buxton - Music
  • Chris Salt - Animator
  • Peter Reid - Designer of Bowie's hair and HQ set

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