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Cause & Effect(s) is a 2004 drama brickfilm by Andreas Feix. It follows the events caused by an unusual chain reaction, and it combines stop-motion animation and CG animation.[1] It was an entry to the A Peculiar Event Contest on and it placed eighth overall.[2]


Outside the Ocean Bridge Café, a fly lands in a cup of coffee. A man drinks from the cup, but spits out the fly which hits a coin on the edge of the table and sends it flying to the bridge below. The impact causes a "Bridge under construction" sign to fall down, and soon a man comes along and puts down his briefcase to pick up the coin. A cyclist hits the briefcase and is sent flying onto an oncoming car, which comes to a stop on the bridge.

A car carrier trailer swerves to avoid the car and flips onto its side. One of the cars onboard falls into the water below, which distracts a boat driver who doesn't notice his boat begin to turn and go under the bridge. His boat is towning a big passenger ship which plows through the bridge, completely destroying it. A sign declaring the bridge to be a world cultural heritage site is amended to be in the past tense.[1]