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These tables are used to standardize the look and function of film tables across the website. These are mainly used to list contest entries and results, and filmographies. Tables using these templates are created in three parts: a heading template for the title and/or table headers; the main body where the data is displayed and; and a closing template, the {{TableEnd}} template.

The parts[]

Heading templates[]

There are a number of different heading templates. Filmography tables can be created using either {{Filmography}} or {{Filmography select}}. This will create a table with 3 columns: Year, Title, and Notes. Can be used together with {{CollapseFilm}} (see below).

For contest results, there are a few options:

  • {{ContestResults noCollapse|<caption>}} will create a simple contest results table. A caption/title may be given to the table, but this is optional. This will create a table with 3 columns: Place, Film Name, and Director.
  • {{ContestResults switchTitle|<collapsed title>|<full list title>|<table id>}} will create a collapsible table. All three of the parameters need to be specified, although they can be left empty. The table id is especially important to make the table unique. Using the year of the contest another unique specifier is recommended. Use together with {{CollapseResult|<table id>}}
  • {{ContestResults customTable|<collapsed title>|<full list title>|<table id>}} will create a collapsible table with custom headers that need to be specified in the main body of the table. Don't forget to specify headers!

More help and information can be found in the template documentation by clicking on the template names above.

The body[]

The main body of the table, where all the data is displayed, works using regular Wiki markup. Use the general formatting rules! If you are using collapsible tables, use {{CollapseResult|<table id>}} (with the table id matching the id of the collapsible table) for contest pages, or {{CollapseFilm}} for brickfilmer/filmography pages.

Closing template[]

Finally, to complete the table, use {{TableEnd}}. Do not forget to close your tables!

Example code[]

Below is a simple filmography code. Copy/paste these examples and modify to your needs.

| 2011 || ''[[Title of film]]'' || Notes about film
| 2011 || ''[ Another film]'' ||
| 2012 || ''[[A winning film''] || Winner of a 2012 contest

Below is a contest results table where the top 3 are always shown, but can be expanded to show the full results can be expanded. Note the use of the captions "Top 3" and "Full list", and the usage of {{CollapseResult}} to hide all but the main top 3. The table id here is "2013".

{{ContestResults switchTitle|Top 3|Full list|2013}}
| 1. || ''[[A winning film]]'' || [[Mr. Winner]]
| 2. || ''[[Second place]]'' || [["someone else"]]
| 3. || ''[ Never]'' || [[Gonna]]
|- {{CollapseResult|2013}}
| 4. || ''[[Fourth place film]]'' || "dr hiddenfromview"
|- {{CollapseResult|2013}}
| 4. || ''Missing film'' {{MissingSymbol}} || "dudegone"

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