Cashman: Man of Cash
Cashman negotiates a price for the job at hand
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Released December 19, 2010
Philip Heinrich
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Language English
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Cashman: Man of Cash is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by Philip Heinrich.[1] It is the sequel to Cashman from 2008, and it is about Cashman coming face to face with a villain whom he must decide if it is worth to fight.[2] It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 but was not finished in time to meet the deadline due to the post-production requiring too much time.[3] This makes it the only Cashman film that did not win first place in a THAC. Cashman: Man of Cash was on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards.[4]

Plot Edit

After foiling a bank robbery, the superhero Cashman is interviewed outside by the TV news crew He explains that he isn't much of a hero as he is just doing a job, and that his "hero for hire" policy can often end up a better deal than hiring full-time security.

A rumbling sound is heard, and a villain bursts up through the road, surrounded by water. The self-described arch nemesis of Cashman, Atlanteo, explains that he plans to return the entire land to being covered in ocean, and that today he will destroy Kansas City. Cashman is bemused that Atlanteo has not chosen a more ambitious location, but nonetheless makes a call to the president to explain the situation. Cashman tries to ascertain how much saving Kansas City will be worth to him, but the president tells him that a price will have to be worked out with congress. Knowing that he will not be paid within the day, Cashman decides it would not be worth his time to fight Atlanteo. As he makes his exit, he offhandedly suggests that Atlanteo consider changing his ambitions.

Ultimately, Atlanteo does not flood Kansas City, and goes on to open his own seafood restaurant.[2]

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