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Cashman, also known as Ca$hman: The Hero for Hire,[1] is a 2008 mockumentary brickfilm by Philip Heinrich about a superhero who requires payment before he will fight crime. It was made in under 24 hours for the fifth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and won first place.[2]


A superhero known as Cashman explains that residents of big cities such as New York are safe thanks to constant protection from well-known superheroes, but those who live in smaller cities or suburbs are not so lucky. The hand of a monster breaks through from under a road and Cashman warns that "this could happen to you".[3]

He goes on to state that he will save any metropolitan area from attack "for a very suitable fee". Cashman explains that despite having superpowers, the life of a superhero does not appeal to him and he expects compensation for risking his life.


Cashman spawned two follow-ups, Cashman: Man of Cash and Cashman 3: The Amazing Cashman. Both sequels were created for subsequent Twenty-four Hour Animation Contests (THAC 8 and THAC 9, respectively) although Cashman 2 failed to make the deadline.[4] Cashman 3 reveals that Cashman is a fictional character played by an actor named Walter Vincent.[5]


Cashman series
Cashman (2008) · Cashman: Man of Cash (2010) · The Amazing Cashman (2011)