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The Captain D. Rom series is a series of comedy brickfilms created by and starring "rioforce". The series follows the adventures of Captain D. Rom, a police officer, and his assistant Laura. Many installments in the series have been created for an edition of the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest.[1]

Captain D. Rom was heavily inspired by a character of the same name from the 1997 video game, LEGO Island. As such, the name Captain D. Rom is a pun on the media storage device CD-ROM.[2]


The Felony at the Fruit Stand (2014)[]

Captain D. Rom investigates a robbery from a fruit stand.

New Recruits (2015)[]

Captain D. Rom wants new recruits at the police station, and interviews candidates.

The Surveillance Situation (2015)[]

Following a tip-off, Captain D. Rom and Laura stake out a potential robbery.

Abduction on an Exotic Island! (2017)[]

Captain D. Rom and Laura take some vacation time, but Laura is kidnapped.

Infraction at the Intersection (2018)[]

A prequel to The Felony at the Fruit Stand in which Captain D. Rom and Laura must catch their first criminal in order to keep their jobs.

The Birthday Bandit (2021)[]

Captain D. Rom investigates the case of a stolen birthday cake.


Captain D. Rom struggles with internal turmoil, but dire circumstances remind him what is truly important.

To be a bug on the wall... (2022)[]

When a suspicious character captures the attention of Captain D. Rom, Laura sniffs out a mystery surrounding the whole situation.

Other appearances[]

Push-ups with Captain D. Rom (2015)[]

An animation challenge entry featuring Captain D. Rom doing push-ups.

Under New Management (2017)[]

In this film by "Pongowl", the police are called, and Captain D. Rom arrives.

Margaret's Pretzels (2018)[]

This BRAWL 2018 entry by "Pongowl" crosses over with the Captain D. Rom film Infraction at the Intersection, which was created for the same contest.

"I'm Already Dasher" (2018)[]

#20 in the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas. Captain D. Rom and Laura sing a Christmas-themed parody of the TikTok anthem No Mercy.

Captain D. Rom: The Anime (2019)[]

A dub of the 1982 mecha police anime film Techno Police 21C, recasting the characters as Captain D. Rom characters.

Lo-fi for LEGO Minifigures (Only) (2020)[]

Captain D. Rom listens to lo-fi hip hop beats to relax/do case work to.