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The Captain D. Rom series is a series of comedy brickfilms created by and starring Benjamin Ely. The series follows the adventures of Captain D. Rom, a police officer, and his assistant Laura. Most installments in the series have been created for an edition of the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest, except for one created for a Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest.[1]

Captain D. Rom was heavily inspired by a character of the same name from the 1997 video game, LEGO Island. As such, the name Captain D. Rom is a pun on the media storage device CD-ROM.[2]

Films Edit

The Felony at the Fruit Stand (2014) Edit

Captain D. Rom investigates a robbery from a fruit stand.

New Recruits (2015) Edit

Captain D. Rom wants new recruits at the police station, and interviews candidates.

The Surveillance Situation (2015) Edit

Following a tip-off, Captain D. Rom and Laura stake out a potential robbery.

Abduction on an Exotic Island! (2017) Edit

Captain D. Rom and Laura take some vacation time, but Laura is kidnapped.

Infraction at the Intersection (2018) Edit

A prequel to The Felony at the Fruit Stand in which Captain D. Rom and Laura must catch their first criminal in order to keep their jobs.

Other appearances Edit

Push-ups with Captain D. Rom (2015) Edit

An animation challenge entry featuring Captain D. Rom doing push-ups.

Under New Management (2017) Edit

In this film by Spencer Berglund, the police are called, and Captain D. Rom arrives.

Margaret's Pretzels (2018) Edit

This BRAWL 2018 entry by Spencer Berglund crosses over with the Captain D. Rom film Infraction at the Intersection, which was created for the same contest.

"I'm Already Dasher" (2018) Edit

#20 in the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas. Captain D. Rom and Laura sing a Christmas-themed parody of the TikTok anthem No Mercy.

References Edit

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