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Capastroid is a 2006 sci-fi brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan.[1] It is about two thieves who are aboard a space station to steal cutting edge technology.[2]


Aboard the Capastroid space station, two thieves sneak around and find a group of three scientists walking. One thief knocks out the scientist at the back of the group and takes his clothes before joining the other scientists incognito. They enter a testing room and the disguised thief gets in a chamber. A scientist presses a button and the thief becomes invisible. The thief then knocks out the two scientists and begins to run.

The invisible thief steals a hoverboard from a man. An alarm goes off, alerting the ship's security guard. The thief takes the hoverboard to his accomplice and becomes visible before giving the other thief the chip that enables invisibility. The two begin to walk away, but when the security guard finds them they are taken off guard and drop their stolen technology. The thieves run into a room and find a ship. They manage to get inside and fly off the space station as the security guard fires at them. The guard walks back, unhappy that the thieves escaped, but then notices that the equipment he thought they stole is still on board.[2]


Capastroid was nominated for one award in the 2006 BAMPAs.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Animation Nominated