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Can't Stop Building! is a 2015 music video brickfilm animated by Spencer Katz for The LEGO Group, released as part of the LEGO Club Show series of music videos.[1][2] It follows a day in the life of a kid who builds with LEGO everywhere he goes.[3] The vocals are performed by David McWane of the ska punk band Big D and the Kids Table, and the music was written by Jay Maas, previously of the band Defeater.[4] The video was in the making for a year,[5] and it is the most recent brickfilm animated by Spencer Katz for The LEGO Group, as well as the last LEGO Club Show music video.



  • Bryce Buchanan - Video specialist, Songwriter
  • Patrick Healy - Video specialist, Songwriter
  • Andrea Sprague - Producer, Songwriter
  • Rachel Lareau - Songwriter
  • Jay Maas - Music writer; Recorded, mixed, and mastered by
  • David McWane - Vocal performer
  • Spencer Katz - Animator
  • Garrett Barati - End credits animations
  • Seth Decoteau ( - Special thanks


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