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Calixte Charles is a French brickfilmer.[1] He is known for brickfilms including his two Train vs Dino films, Shark Island, and Labo Escape, as well as Star Wars brickfilms.[2]


Year Title Notes
2014 Labo Escape
2014 Boba Fett's rise X
2014 Life on moon? X
2014 The paradoxical fall
2014 Trapped[3] CABBAB #55: "Faire du saut à la perche" entry
2014 Train vs Dino
2014 A Hero's Journey Fancy Pants' "A Hero's Journey" contest entry
2014 Anakin meets his future
2014 Ouch CABBAB #61: "Marcher sur une pelle" entry
2015 Love on Mars
2015 Back to bed
2015 Train vs Dino vs Alien
2016 Darth Vader vs His past
2016 Dino Surf
2018 Kylo Ren meets Anakin
2018 Shark Island
2019 Sand shark
2020 Too Little Island
2021 A tragic Vader's visit
2022 Red Skeletons' attack
2023 Dino, Chaos and Pizza Commissioned by The LEGO Group, but cancelled due to a contract issue with Universal