Calculated Risk
Mr. Ackermann delivers a speech on how the company has been turned around
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Released May 26, 2012
  • Tom Westerholt
  • Horst Kurth
  • Robin Roschlau
  • Michael Schreiber
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Calculated Risk (German: Kalkuliertes Risiko) is a 2012 comedy brickfilm by Markus Engel.[1][2] It is about how a recently appointed bank manager achieved his success.[3] It was created for Steinerei 2012.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Tom Westerholt as Achim Ackermann
  • Horst Kurth as Michael (German)
  • Robin "RRPictureProductions" Roschlau as Michael (English)
  • Michael "MetalWarrior" Schreiber as Employee

Crew Edit

  • Markus Engel - Director
  • Moritz Meier - Music
  • Thorsten Engel, Moritz Meier, Marion Engel, Robin "RRPictureProductions" Roschlau - Thanks
  • Robin Roschlau - Translation

Awards Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2012 Steinerei Jury Choice Third
Brickfilmer Choice Second
Deutschen Multimediapreis mb21 Age 12-15 First[4]

Behind the scenes gallery Edit

References Edit

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