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CYCLIC is a 2009 science fiction brickfilm by David Boddy.[1] It is about two astronauts who discover a time machine while on a mission to investigate a strange audio signal.[2] It was created for the Space, Time and Reality Contest on Bricks in Motion and won second place.[3] It was also nominated for one award in the 2009 Bricks in Motion Awards.[4]


In outer space, a probe picks up an audio transmission, and a radar technician and his assistant track the weak signal to a moon, LV 426. They send two astronauts, Frank and John, to investigate. As the astronauts lift off, the radar workers burst into laughter over the mission they have sent the pair on.

On LV 426, there is a crashed ship, with two human skeletons and two robots nearby. The robots, Robert and Iain, are bored, having had nothing to do but play Travel Scrabble since the ship crashed 3,123 years prior. When Iain sees Frank and John's ship landing nearby, he is excited by the prospect of rescue and runs in its direction. John mistakes the robots for aliens and shoots them. When the astronauts reach the wrecked ship, they uncover a radio blaring music. John reads "1710" on the radio's screen and throws it to Frank for a look, when the pair are suddenly teleported.

Frank and John appear on a pirate ship. John realises that the radio is a time machine that has brought them to the year 1710, and notices that it now reads 1920. When the pirates notice the intruders, they capture Frank as John escapes, and John throws the time machine into Frank's hands. Frank is teleported to 1920, but does not see John. He enters a store searching for John and, on the way out, is hit by a swerving car being driven by John, who is thrown through the windscreen.

The bodies of John and Frank and teleported through time and become the bodies that were at the shipwreck on LV 426. A probe picks up the audio transmission from the time machine, and the radar technician begins to look into it.[2]


  • James Philbrick as Carl the Radar Technician
  • James Barnes as James the Radar Supervisor
  • Chris Foster as Frank
  • Leigh Winter as John
  • Orian Calvett as Robert
  • David Boddy as Iain
  • Rob Stanley as 1st Mate
  • Lisa Smith as Lady with Pram
  • Suzanne Whitnall as Shop Keeper
  • Shane Norenbergs as Customer


Award nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Screenplay Nominated

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