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CSI: Legoland, also known as CSI: LEGO City,[1] is a 2011 comedy brickfilm by Joe Nicolosi. It is a parody of CSI: Miami, and follows the forensic officer Brock as he investigates a double-beheading.[2] It appears to be the first brickfilm released by Nicolosi, and after creating it, he was commissioned by Yahoo! to create The LEGO Wire, released in 2012.



  • Joe Nicolosi - Director
  • Kurt Baty - City builder
  • Lee Raye - City builder
  • Will Heron - City builder
  • Ben Rollman - City builder

Features in the media[]

Shortly after release, CSI: Legoland was featured on multiple websites including Entertainment Weekly, The Huffington Post, and Film School Rejects.