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By the Sad Sea Waves is a 2019 dramatic brickfilm by Garry Moore and Gregory Moore.[1] It follows a sailor onboard a ship infested with zombies.[2] The film was entered into Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2019, winning first place.[3]


In a ship, a sailor looks through a telescope while zombies bang on a nearby door. He sets down the telescope and picks up a pistol and a cutlass. The sailor climbs out of the window and jumps to another. He climbs through and walks past moaning zombies. The sailor leaves the ship's hold and locks the door. Hiding behind the door, he removes a glove revealing a zombified hand. The sailor walks to the edge of the ship, picks up a cannon-ball and jumps overboard.


Adrian Aguilera as Sailor / Zombies


Year Competition Category Result
2019 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Nominated
Best Story and Screen Play Nominated
Best Cinematography Won (tied with The Sheriff)
Best Scenic Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Acting Nominated
BFG Member's Choice Nominated
Best BRAWL, THAC, Steinerei, or Summer Contest Entry Won