Bunnies: The Ancient Altercation
The black bunny approaches a cave entrance
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Released July 31, 2011
  • Action
  • Slapstick
Running time
Language None
Part of the Bunnies series
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The Presidential Uproar N/A

Bunnies: The Ancient Altercation is a 2011 slapstick action brickfilm by Spencer Olson.[1][2] It is the sixth film in the Bunnies series, and it follows the evil black bunny in a remote location in South America, where he finds a body to take control of, before being ambushed by the red bunny.[3] It ends with the text "To Be Continued... ...Maybe.", but no further Bunnies films were released (not including the short camera test film NOM NOM).

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Awards Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2011 Build-A-Brickbuster Pixelfest Best Animation[4] Won
Whiskey Creek Film Festival Short Films Third place[5]

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Bunnies series
Bunnies (2008) · The Barbaric Bunny Brawl (2008) · Rise of the Black Bunny (2009) · The Hectic Hare Hassle (2009) · The Presidential Uproar (2009) · The Ancient Altercation (2011)
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